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Consumerisation of technology: Curse or Cure? (1/3)

By Mark Helme

Date 15 January 2011 Tags

Consumer technology is cheap, available, personalised, and highly useable. It can corrode the boundaries of an organisation’s IT, create chaos through loss of control and compromise security.

Can it also be the magic ingredient that unlocks latent value, cuts costs and supports a more agile way of working? There is emerging evidence that handled carefully consumer technology can be a cure to many of the ills that bedevil traditional IT…

The contrast between users’ experience of IT at home and work has never been greater. At home the experience is of cheap individualism, autonomy, usability and aesthetics – at work it is of expensive corporate systems that are mandated, hard to use and certainly not pleasurable to use. This might once have been shrugged off with simple appeals to security, the need for consistent process and the cost of incorporating consumer variety into corporate systems. However as individuals in the business use consumer technologies as adjuncts to their corporate systems or even substitutes, then the answer is not just to reinforce the barriers, but to see if there is a way of co-opting these technologies.

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